Out of School

At Readwell Care Out of School Club we offer children an opportunity to play safely in a relaxed and caring atmosphere before and after school. The club offers play opportunities for children aged between three and eleven, these clubs operate mainly for the children from The Arbours Primary Academy and St. Gregory’s Primary School.

All our staff are qualified in Playwork and work towards providing opportunities for the child in line with the national play types.

During sessions we offer a wide variety of equipment and activities including crafts, construction, games, imaginative play and exploration. We have access to a large outside area and the children are able to take part in physical activity both indoors and outside.

We believe that the children should be allowed to play in their own way without interference from adults and endeavour to do this as long as the play is safe for children present.

Children attending breakfast club will be given the opportunity to have a nutritious breakfast and then to play before school. Afterschool children have the opportunity to play and have a light tea. Drinks are available at all times during the session.