At Readwell Care Preschool we offer children a relaxed and caring atmosphere. We feel it is import for them to feel comfortable whilst at our setting which is why we aim to form close relationships with all the children and their families.

We offer a wide range of toys and equipment for the children to play with and even though we plan to have different pieces of equipment out in certain areas of the setting each day, the children have free choice and are able to get out any of the other toys from the drawers that they wish to play with. We have access to a large outside area so can promote learning both indoors and outside.

We have a creative activity set out each day with sand, water, play dough or other malleable materials (eg corn flour or shaving foam). Children also have access to dressing up clothes, and the role play area which is changed regularly giving them the chance to get lost in imaginative play.

We often enjoy a walk in the local neighbourhood and sometimes take our snacks to the park area near our setting to have a picnic. Each session children are offered a wide variety of snacks and drinks in line with Healthy Eating Initiatives.

Each child has their own key person who is responsible for observing their learning development. These observations are used to track the child’s progress and are also put into their individual folder along with examples of their work and photographs of their time at Readwell. The Early Years Foundation Stage is used throughout and can be seen in our planning and observations.